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Ever Onward... in endless worship praise prayer and thanksgiving for the Lord will keep me safe and sound evermore.
(OKFJ 1994)
Freda Byers (a.k.a.Freda Vleeskens, Freda McGowan, OKFJ)

If any of my writings may be of encouragement to others in the throes of depression, reflection, separation or connection, then all thanks be to God for it is He alone who has given grace and ability for the task. 

Ever Onward is the name given my collective writings (1989 - 1997) which were written as I was unable to adequately communicate otherwise, not just in difficult times, but also in those wondrous times of discovery of the vast extent of the love of God.

Most of the words flowed straight off the pen into my diaries. The Serenity Prayer, Desiderata and The Dilemma, are of course borrowed. At present all the main verses are up, but in time I hope to transcribe some more of the non-poetry type stuff also.

Ever Onward is an emotional and spiritual journey of sorting through the complex mess that my life had become. Finding who I really am, and where I am going.

Brought up in the Catholic Church, I walked away at 15, and took my faith in Jesus with me. 

Years later I bought a Bible. What an eye opener that was. Still is. Ever.

Eventually (and eventfully) came times when I realised that God had not only heard me, but He actually answered, and as Bill Gaither wrote "THEN THE HAND OF JESUS TOUCHED ME....AND NOW I AM NO LONGER THE SAME"

Ever Onward is a journey into eternity 

Ever Onward is also of course, an attitude.

 LIFE IS GOOD...   even when it can be so very difficult. 


finally now with the love of a godly man, still yet ever onward...


Life's a Beach isn't it


Favourite Quotes:

Only to sit and think of God, Oh what a joy it is !

To think the thought, to breathe the name,

Earth has no higher bliss. 

F.W.Faber (1815-1863)


"....whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men"

Colossians 3:23)


Possessions can be suffocating. Clutter is chaos.

Freedom is not a furniture store. 

Charles Waterstreet



background music GOD WILL (1970)
sung by Nat Stuckey and Connie Smith
written by John D. Loudermilk and Marijohn Wilkin


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